Annual Mother’s Day Picnic

Every year on Mother’s Day we head to Antioch Park for a picnic. Some years we’ve done breakfast, but most year, we grill out hamburgers & hot dogs. This year was especially fun now that Skyler could run around and play. She is obsessed with “outsee”, so the park was a total hit. We didn’t even make it to the playground – she had fun enough running around in the grass!

The weather was overcast and almost cold, but the raindrops held off for the most part. I’m so glad I brought my nice camera, because there were lots of great photo opps on this day. Here are a few of my favorites, there are more if you click on the Flickr feed on the right column.

She’s got a pit bull at home that she climbs all over, but she was afraid of my Grandma’s Shih-tzu. Imagine that!

The rare family photo

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  1. What a great family photo!! You all look great and all of you are smiling!

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