• Pride and Joy

    Pride: Watching my husband go all out in his first strongman competition. Joy: Celebrating Skyler’s 3rd birthday and watching her open all her new Mickey Mouse/Goofy presents.

  • QT

    Ronnie and I are blessed to have lots of great friends and in the summer, a seemingly endless supply of social events for our calendar. I counted from the beginning of May, that we could potentially go and do something every single weekend until September. And even then I think that month is already half…

  • It’s About Time!

    I’m getting caught up (again), picture style! Who wants to read anyway?

  • Easter

  • Weekend Pleasantries

  • Ham & Cheese

  • Fluttering Along

    Yesterday, my mom, Skyler and me headed to Greenwood, Missouri to an antique store owned by one of our friend’s mom, Millett & Co. She has an adorable room in her store with just children’s things, which included lots of butterfly decorations. We picked out some hanging butterflies and long beaded butterfly garlands for Skyler’s…

  • Most Wonderful Time of the Year

    We’re just wrapping up some of the best four days in a row that this family has had in awhile. Thanksgiving was a lovely day packed with two delicious meals and two fun family gatherings. We packed up Skyler and Bruno to head across town to Granny’s house in Belton. It was a full house,…

  • Cheese

  • Bikers for Babies KC 2009

    Awe inspiring. Overwhelming. Humbling. Thrilling. Those are just a few words to describe our first experience as part of Kansas City Bikers for Babies last Sunday. But they don’t even begin to capture the magnitude of the event for those of us that rode, and those that benefit from the cause. I knew I was…