Ronnie and I are blessed to have lots of great friends and in the summer, a seemingly endless supply of social events for our calendar. I counted from the beginning of May, that we could potentially go and do something every single weekend until September. And even then I think that month is already half full of possibilities. Sometimes the fun is kid-friendly, but a lot of times it’s something we’d prefer to get a babysitter for. We had an opportunity like that this weekend, but since we’ve had a babysitter the last few weekends and the upcoming weekend, we opted to pass on our plans and spend some quality time this weekend with Skyler in the form of her first trip to the zoo.

It turned into a bit of an adventure, first with our grumpy daughter, then with the thunderstorm that nearly drenched us in the middle of the Africa exhibit. Luckily we made it back to the picnic shelter area to wait out the storm while we ate our lunch. I made a mention of our thunderstorm-at-the-zoo adventure on Facebook, and not a minute later my friend texted me that she saw my Facebook post and her family was at the zoo too, waiting out the storm in their car. So when it let up, they met up with us and we toured the zoo together. Then they invited us to grill out at their house that evening as well, which was a nice unplanned way to spend our evening, and the kids had a blast too.

Today we spent the afternoon grilling and swimming at the pool with my brothers and parents, which was a nice relaxing Father’s Day. We are all exhausted but refreshed after this fun family weekend together, as we wind down, lounging on our couches in the A/C!

Pics from our zoo adventure –














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  1. I was going to say that my fav is the one of you and her…so cute of both of you. But then I got to the end and saw the “aftermath” photo. All sacked out….adorable!!

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