Custom Pet Portraits


Pet portrait paintings are a wonderful way to celebrate your love for your fur baby, or honor the memory of a pet that is no longer by your side. I create colorful dog paintings and cat paintings that will stand out and brighten up your home or office.

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Pet portraits: Colorful dog paintings, cat paintings by Lori Oswald

Pet Portrait Painting Process

When you request a custom pet portrait, we’ll discuss what size and orientation of canvas will work best for your space and the photos provided. Since I do work from your photos, please provide your favorite, but providing multiple photos can help as reference. The best photos are close up, and taken in natural daylight, with clear shots of the eyes. I am not an animal anatomy expert and not good at painting what isn’t there, so quality photos that best represent your pet’s personality will help me provide a colorful pet portrait that you will love (Check out my pet photography tips to learn more about capturing a great photo of your pet for a portrait painting). I specialize in colorful dog paintings (and cats too!), but please let me know if there are certain colors you would like me to incorporate or avoid based on decor. Portraits typically have a 1-2 week turnaround time once I begin the sketch, but current demand typically means a couple months to complete once you order.

Why I love pet portraits

As a pet portrait artist and animal lover myself, I find so much joy in bringing your pet to life with paint on canvas. I love for you to tell me about your pet before I paint so I can get to know them and connect with their spirit as I work. Maybe it sounds woo woo, but portrait painting is the most natural way for me to spread joy and love by way of color. There is something so life-giving about the whole process and how pet art connects us as humans. I am honored for you to trust me with your loved one(s) and look forward to working together!

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