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  • 2010 Bikers for Babies KC

    It got to me every town we rode through; every truck parked on the side of the road with kids waving at us from the tailgate. Every shirt that said “Bikers for Babies,” whether it was this years design or one from a few years back. And then there were the custom-made matching shirts “We…

  • Pride and Joy

    Pride: Watching my husband go all out in his first strongman competition. Joy: Celebrating Skyler’s 3rd birthday and watching her open all her new Mickey Mouse/Goofy presents.

  • QT

    Ronnie and I are blessed to have lots of great friends and in the summer, a seemingly endless supply of social events for our calendar. I counted from the beginning of May, that we could potentially go and do something every single weekend until September. And even then I think that month is already half…

  • It’s About Time!

    I’m getting caught up (again), picture style! Who wants to read anyway?

  • Outside the Comfort Zones

    Now and then you have to push your own limits. I sure don’t do it nearly enough, but over the course of the last few days, I was three for three. It started with Ronnie’s and my first long motorcycle ride together. I’ve only ridden with him on fairly short jaunts around town, with last…

  • Easter

  • Planting Flowers by the Moon

    Skyler asked the sweetest and oddly profound thing to me last night. I asked her if this weekend she wanted to help me plant some flowers outside. She said yes, and she wanted some “owange fwowers and pink fwowers!” Then, ever so seriously, she looked at me and asked “Can we plant them next to…

  • Weekend Pleasantries

  • Ham & Cheese

  • By the Way

    Not much to report lately. We are enjoying our new ride, though a dashboard light has already come on to “Service Stabilitrak” – whatever that is. Like I really want to take it in for service already! Hopefully it’s nothing, and if it is, thank goodness we purchased the extended warranty! In other news, Skyler…