By the Way

Not much to report lately. We are enjoying our new ride, though a dashboard light has already come on to “Service Stabilitrak” – whatever that is. Like I really want to take it in for service already! Hopefully it’s nothing, and if it is, thank goodness we purchased the extended warranty!

In other news, Skyler is not cooperating with potty training, however Pink Bear is. He’s making really great progress…

Otherwise, life is just going right now. We are officially ready for Winter to be over so the days are longer and we can go outside to play! Until then, hopefully we can keep this smile going…


2 responses to “By the Way”

  1. It will happen. Even when you think it never will. They are so much smarter then they lead on!

  2. Ugg for Potty Training! I feel our pain. Caiden is doing great now and never has accidents but it took us a long time to get here!

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