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Spaghetti, Shirts, and Slides

Skyler’s gaining so much independence these days. During meals, she will no longer allow anyone to feed her non-finger foods anymore. So I’ve pulled out all my patience and mess-tolerance and handed her a fork and spoon with her meals, like yogurt and spaghetti. I wish she didn’t love spaghetti so much! It’s a guaranteed …

Annual Mother’s Day Picnic

Every year on Mother’s Day we head to Antioch Park for a picnic. Some years we’ve done breakfast, but most year, we grill out hamburgers & hot dogs. This year was especially fun now that Skyler could run around and play. She is obsessed with “outsee”, so the park was a total hit. We didn’t …

Play Date

On Sunday, Skyler and I went to meet two other mommies and their kiddos at my all-time favorite park, Antioch Park. I’m so glad that it hasn’t changed much in all the years since I’ve been there! We used to go there as children, and the things that were my favorite, like the “town” and …

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