Play Date

On Sunday, Skyler and I went to meet two other mommies and their kiddos at my all-time favorite park, Antioch Park. I’m so glad that it hasn’t changed much in all the years since I’ve been there! We used to go there as children, and the things that were my favorite, like the “town” and the awesome lake that you can walk across on unique bridges, are all still there!

Skyler was the youngest of the kids, with Braden at 15 months and Caiden at around 20 months. They were both such big boys! They were all over the place, and poor Heather had to go find Braden several times as he took off for the food at the private bbq going on at one of the shelters, or see him disappearing behind the bushes at the edge of the park. It was a riot! Obviously, with Skyler not being very mobile, there wasn’t much for her to actually do, but she loved watching all the other kids playing, and naturally, the swing was her favorite! We had such an enjoyable time and it was great to hang out with these mommies & their kids that I don’t see very often! Here are some pics from the day (Jenni, hope you don’t mind I borrowed a couple of yours as I didn’t have very great shots of the boys).

Here’s the kiddos sitting down for lunch together (from left to right, Caiden, Skyler, Braden)

Braden trying to give Skyler a kiss

Aw, what a sweetie

“My future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades!”

Caiden & Braden at the bank

Just a nice photo opp

Love swinging!

And finally, one of my new favorite pics of Skyler. I even played with a lighting filter a bit to get if some extra oomph! Here’s my little movie star –


5 responses to “Play Date”

  1. cute kids! i love that park too; i didn’t know the town had been there that long!
    every month i say i’m going to email you to get together somewhere in between the measley few blocks between our houses! maybe we can go on a butt-burning, stroller-pushing, power walk!!

  2. I need to edit some of my pictures too. I have been super lazy lately and have just posted them as they are. I can’t wait to do it again!

  3. Well aren’t those just the cutest kids!!!
    We’re looking forward to getting together again!

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