Aftermath of a blue popsicle
Aftermath of a blue popsicle

Thinking about printing the next 3 pics to hang in our dining room/bar area…


  1. Oo — i like those bar images! Great black and white… 🙂

  2. Great Grandma Kelley says:

    Skyler appears to be right handed in one of the crayon pictures. Can you tell yet if she is right or left handed?

  3. I actually have another photo where she is coloring with her left hand. I don’t think she’s made up her mind yet!

  4. Beth says:

    Dang, I want your camera! Great pics Lori, you are so talented. Skyler is a great subject too, she looks as if she has an old, wise soul. She is most certainly going to be analytical.

  5. Adria Hunter says:

    man, i’m so jealous of your camera!
    when i first saw her blue mouth i thought of crayons. for the longest time hank would only eat them.

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