Time Capsule

I was inspired for this post after reading this one. While I was thoroughly entertained by the awkward photo progression of this complete stranger, all I could think of was what my post would look like. So here goes…

Aw, cute little tyke! I think my tee says “cookie crumbler.” Gotta love baby clothes. And check out the cloth diaper!

Classic Olan Mills portrait

Sweet little first grader. Enjoy your last moments of cuteness, because it’s downhill for awhile from here on out!

Somehow my friend got a hold of a digital version of this. She likes to email it to me every now and then to humble me, I think. Last time her caption said something like “aw, looks like little Lori loves her some ice cream cones! Lots of them!”

There was this girl in my 3rd grade class that I thought was so cool. She smiled real big and toothy, so apparently I had to do the same. Not a good look for me.

This might be my lowest point. Sixth grade, recovering from the first of two bad short hair cuts. And the glasses…what can I say? They were navy blue with turquoise splatters on them. I was so proud when I picked them out.

My hair was growing out enough to crimp it. Yes, crimp. Also note the geometrically coordinated shirt cuffs and shorts. And keds with matching socks.

2nd lowest point ever. That dress! There are no words…

Another 2nd – the other bad short haircut. This is Freshman year, obviously I was a softball player. And I was serious about it.

I didn’t know it then, but DANG, I looked hot! Looks like things are headed back in a positive direction!

The beginning of my blond years, which lasted mostly until I was out of college, living the real life, and realized that highlighted hair was too expensive for my wallet!

Just had to post a random photo from college. Not bad here. This was one of my thinner years in college. I couldn’t find any digital versions of my Freshman Fifteen (or twenty).

Once the blond was gone, I had to do something else different. Check out that rebel with the eyebrow piercing! Honestly if it hadn’t gotten infected, I might still have it, who knows?

Finally, I think I turned out quite alright. I got pretty enough to trick Ronnie into marrying me, and then managed to get knocked up shortly thereafter, thus tying him down even tighter. They never said I wasn’t a smart woman…

6 responses to “Time Capsule”

  1. what a great little run down! we ALL have awkward middle school pictures. uh, mine are atrotious (sp). i love seeing the wedding picture! i’ve never seen your pictures; we missed your wedding reception/party. you look fantastic!
    PS – nice pink ‘Express’ halter top – i had that one in blue.

  2. Oh my God! If I wasn’t at work, I’d have been roaring out loud these pics are so funny! I didn’t recognize you in most of the early years! I swear I have a picture of myself looking just like you did in the pink striped/”ice cream” picture! So hilarious!

  3. Wow Lori! This progression is amazing. Honestly in the first six photos, I can’t even tell it is you! The first photo I see so much of Skyler. And, I have never seen you blonde, i definitly like you brunette! Of course your last picture-You were so hot on your wedding day. You were a model in your wedding gown!

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