This is a long one…

I’ve got lots to catch up on, so this is going to be a ridiculously long post!

First, our anniversary celebration last weekend was wonderful! We started the afternoon off with one hour massages. I’d never had one that long before, and it was heavenly! Then we went tanning and had a late lunch at Waldo Pizza, with a St. Louis style chicken and pepperoni. YUM! They have trivial pursuit cards on the table so we quizzed each other while we waited. We should definitely never play that game for money! We headed home to get ready, and then off to the Bristol at the Power and Light District. It was a gorgeous evening! Here we are, out front of the Bristol. The valet guy didn’t try very hard to get the sign behind us, so whatever, at least it’s a decent picture of both of us –

At dinner Ronnie got a ribeye with the most amazing whipped sweet potatoes, and I got seared chilean seabass that sat on top of “potato sage gratin” which was this crispy, buttery, cheesy potato pancake thing, and then it had creamed leeks on top of the fish. It was one of the most mouth watering entrees I’d ever tasted, though the buttery-ness kind of grossed me out after I ate it all! Since we were splurging, we each got our own dessert. Ronnie got his usual, cheesecake, and got this molten lava cake with ice cream. It was presented so beautifully, I had to take a picture! It looks more like a sculpture than a dessert –

After dinner we walked around the P&L district for a bit and ended our evening at a wine bar where we each had a wine flight – a tasting of three different wines. It was such a great setup; we took a cozy seat on some low suede couches with a candlelit table before us. Very romantic! We headed back to the Hyatt for the evening, and took a picture in front of the amazing chandelier in the lobby. We were like tourists in our hometown!

Our “relaxing” night away from home didn’t really happen, though, because our room was really hot, and all too quiet – that kind of quiet that leaves you wide awake, listening for every little sound. Then around 3 am, the quiet turned into the ruckus of our very drunk neighbors arriving to their room from after the bars closed, and closed with getting to listen to the couple next door’s seemingly “public display of affection.” Once 7:30 in the morning rolled around, we hopped out of bed to get back to the comforts of home (and go pick up our beloved daughter)! Even though we didn’t get the rest that we’d hoped for, it was still a wonderful day and evening for us to spend together!

The next day, I found some great light coming through our windows, so I took advantage for another Skyler photo shoot! Plus, I loved her outfit, and wanted to be sure to catch it on camera. Check out the black & whites of our little model –

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a really fun date night (besides the hotel). It’s fun to be tourists in your own town sometimes. 🙂

    cute pictures of skyler!

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