Sick and Tired

I should be napping right now, as last night was a trying one.

It began as I was just pulling my own covers down to retire for the evening and I heard the unmistakable sudden-cough-turned-to confused-and-scared cry on Skyler’s monitor. I rushed for her room and sure enough, found her hair matted and pillow stained with what once was her dinner, and probably lunch too.

I wrapped her in her blanket as Ronnie was already preparing the bath. If there is one thing we team up on really well with zero effort, it’s when she’s sick. He handles the bath, I clean up the mess. We both console and get her back to bed.

This happened three times last night, complete with three laundry loads of soiled bedding. After the third episode I finally turned the monitor off so Ronnie could get some sleep and I went and attempted to sleep with her in case it happened again. I knew at this point she’d have to stay home from daycare tomorrow, so I’d be the one to take off work.

She’s been in great spirits today, and hasn’t yet gotten sick since last night. But she’s a little warm and went down for her nap very easily, so I know she’s still fighting whatever this bug is. I took advantage of her naptime and the gorgeous afternoon to reward myself by reading a book out in the sunshine on the back porch.

Now, maybe I will get some sleep myself while she’s still zonked. Or fold laundry, which has been piling up all week. Oh, the life of being Mom.

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  1. Oh boy. Well, I hope she’s doing much better now. Did you ever find out what it was? I have a little one on the way due September and I am not looking forward to my baby going through those hard moments. But I know you do guys do a good job. Keep it up.

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