She’s growing up!

So much about this set of pictures says that Skyler is barely a baby anymore! I know, I know, she’s still not walking, but she’s got so many more skills and so much more attitude now, she’s fast becoming her own unique little self!

Here she is in her cute new “big girl” pajamas. It’s harder to find the one-piece footed kind for her size.

Some photos from our feeding sessions – she’s getting so good at feeding herself! Now she only drops about 20% of what she’s eating! Of course, after she was so amused by me feeding Bruno her leftovers, that’s all she wants to do when he’s around. She takes a bite, then throws a piece on the floor. Bite/throw, bite/throw. Luckily, they like the same food, so Bruno cleans it up nicely so I don’t have to sweep! He will even take it out of her hand, and he’s so gentle with her. He just lightly licks her hand till the food comes out. It’s amazing how he just knows to be extra careful with her! If he’s not around, she gets so into feeding herself that I have to stop her from shoveling too much food into her mouth before she chokes. She likes to get about 4 bites before even chewing it up and swallowing.

Trying out the old rocking horse at Great Granny’s. She wasn’t too sure about it. But gosh she’s so cute in that dress!

And here she is, just wrestling around with her Daddy, perched up on his shoulder. I think this is my favorite snapshot that I’ve ever taken. Aren’t they adorable?


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  1. She’s looking so big! You are right about the picture with Ronnie being adorable. You have one precious little girl!

  2. cute. i like hank’s new PJ’s too – i need to take pictures. you’re lucky you have bruno to help you clean up! i get so mad sometimes when hank throws food on the floor and then i have to remember: ‘oh yah, i have a toddler’.

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