Playtime photos

We had lots of fun with the camera tonight, and a few from the last few nights as well. Ronnie actually got some great “sneaky” videos of Skyler while she was busy talking, but Youtube is undergoing maintenance right now so I can’t upload them. Hopefully later this week. She is so funny – when the camera is rolling, she tends to get shy and quit whatever she was doing and stare into the red light. But Ronnie got creative today and tricked her! Anyhow, here are some recent photos, mostly from tonight.


Look at my rings! They are still my favorite toy.

The Bumbo is so much more fun now that I don’t get so warn out from sitting up!

Aw, how fitting. Sky and Bruno on the “loveseat.”

She’s a ham!


  1. Adria Hunter says:

    cute! i esp. love that last picture!

  2. Becky Hultgren says:

    Very Cute!

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