Mish Mosh

I’ve got several random photos of Skyler to update. I realize how lucky I am to be in the digital age where I can take pictures over and over till I get something cute. For every one good picture, I’ve got about five bad ones of Skyler blinking or not doing that cute thing that I was trying to photograph. No wonder my parents don’t have nearly as many photos of me! It would’ve cost a fortune to print all that film out!

Terrible angle for me, but what a sweet photo of us napping together. She’s got her Pink Bear all snuggled up. I wish this scenario happened more often!

“Look, I made my very own faux-hawk!”

I love her in polo shirts/dresses! She also has a pink polo shirt that is adorable with khakis…

She enjoys going through my purse. Of course, she found the cash!

Playing with her Hannah Montana keyboard

Practicing standing up! She’s doing more and more of this. Not even close to letting go with any sort of control, but being on her feet is big progress!

This was a crazy hair day. I don’t know what she did during her nap, but it actually looks like she has longer hair! I can’t wait till it actually flips out like that! Also, note this background that has never really been in photos before. Because she’s usually playing in the middle of the floor. But now that she can crawl, she loves to go over to that wall and sit against it (???)


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  1. So she is crawling? I guess I missed that…last I saw she was just thinking about it. Post a video when you get a change. 🙂

  2. cute pics. i love the faux hawk!
    that’s funny that she likes to sit up against the wall. i think i remember hank doing that sometimes. everything changes when they’re mobile!

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