Happy Thoughts

I finally have my house back. Minus one broken window pane – I mean I guess the boy couldn’t just move out without first doing some damage to the room we let him stay in for the last 22 months. It’s not that long of a story but I’m a little too irate to go into it in any sort of pleasant manner so I should just stop writing about it here. I might say something I regret and in the end, he is family.

So, like Peter Pan, I’m thinking happy thoughts! Like how nice it was to come home from a friend’s med school graduation last night and find the house just as clean as we’d left it. And today, we came home from a baby shower and again, found the house just as clean as we’d left it, no leftover smell of burnt fish sticks, or dirty kleenexes and toenail clippings on the coffee table. What an amazing feeling! I think it will take a bit to sink in; I’ve had a teenage boy living in this house for longer than not, but I am welcoming the feeling of learning to love my home again!

As long as we’re on happy thoughts, I should share the following photos, because they make me happy!

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  1. Wow, I am SO happy for you that you have your house back. With that stress and a little one in the house I think you and Ronnie have done so well.

    Congrats on being your own little family!

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