A beautiful Sunday afternoon

Today we went to celebrate the baptism of Sisarea, our friend Deborah & Nick’s 7 month old daughter. They had quite the shindig setup at their house, with tons of people and tons of food and tons of kids. They actually had a whole pig on the food table! I took a few pics of the activity, and following are a few of my favorites from the afternoon. I somehow managed not to get any pics of the star of the show, Sisarea, but she was always busy being passed around all the relatives. Deborah & Nick hired Rebecca to photograph the event, so once the pics are posted, I’ll be sure to link to those, as I’m sure they will be beautiful and Sisarea will have lots of adorable pictures!

Jesse and her 10 month old, Sydney. She was loving clapping her hands!

This is Logan (left) and Landon (right), my friends Michelle’s and Miranda’s boys, born one day apart in August 2006. Don’t they look handsome?

And now Skyler’s turn. Here she is with Daddy, still not sure yet about this whole party thing.

And one of my new favorites – It might be a framer!


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