Where do I start?

Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with all the possible posts I could be making! Again, this would be a fantastic time for someone to hurry up and invent the wireless-automatic-blog-publisher thingy so I could blog hands-free throughout the week, or at least get some posts drafted.

First, I haven’t officially posted an announcement for fear that things will fall through as soon as I do, but it seems I have been chosen for the KC Traverse Mom Squad. A rep from CBS Radio who is partnering with Chevy on this thing contacted me last week to get the ball rolling. She was still in the process of getting all the mommy bloggers lined up, but said they hoped to kick off the program in a couple weeks. Their website says it kicks off April 20, so I’m going with that as a start date until I hear otherwise. I’m so excited to part of this program, so I really hope it all works out!

Second – Skyler updates: she’s all over the place now, walking confidently anywhere and everywhere! She is obsessed with outside. While indoors, she points at the window or door and asks approximately every thirty minutes at least “Outsee? outsee?” And if the weather has been nice enough to play outside, she cries when we go inside. Her daycare said it’s the same story over there. Sounds like I’ll have a camping buddy in the near future!

Her vocabulary is growing as well. She knows lots of the pictures/characters in her storybooks, like Minnie Mouse and rainbows. We were coloring the other day and I drew a rainbow to see if she’d recognize it. She said “Umbow” and then immediately went to find her book about rainbows to show me. I could almost see the lightbulb lighting up above her little head. On a less intellectual note, one of her grandmothers has recently taught her the pronunciation as well as anatomical location of “titties.” No, no typo there. Skyler can say it and point to it, clear as day. I must be completely honest and admit that it is hysterical when she says it and points to it at home, but I dread the day we are in public and it’s hardly appropriate when she points at a stranger’s chest at the grocery story and tells everyone what she sees. I can only pray for God’s protection in this matter!

Finally, my girl has developed some phobias. It’s mostly related to loud/unknown noises. If something startles her these days, she runs to me and digs her fingernails into whatever part of me she can grab and tries to climb into my arms to “escape” whatever it may be. She buries her face and will even cover her eyes, and even after the noise is long over, I have to pry myself loose from her death grip on my neck/arm/sleeve/hair. And she does not take this removal lightly! So I’m not sure what’s going on here – don’t get me wrong I love the snuggles once she’s in my arms, but I hate to see Skyler fearful and scared of every little thing, and it really puts a damper on my productivity when I’ve got a toddler clinging to me at unpredictable moments!

Any other mommies out there have children that went through a fearful stage like this?

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