Things I am…

…amazed at the things Skyler is learning in preschool. This week is “shapes,” so I naturally thought this will be a breeze for her since she’s known circles, squares, triangles, and even octagons forever now. But as of today, the four shapes they’ve covered this week are ellipse, diamond, pentagon, and octagon. She also came home talking about “taco casserole” for lunch, which sounded so Suzy-homemaker-ish. She’s THREE! (well, and a half)

…severely lacking motivation in the nutrition and workout arena, after doing pretty dang well for awhile. Since my lunch hour is my prime opportunity, you’d think I’d welcome the break to get away from my desk and take care of myself, not have to think about work, de-stress, blah blah. But I am, of course, fortunate enough to love my work, so I’d actually prefer to keep my nose to my work then go workout. I’m a geek, and this is sad. Gotta dig deep and find something to get me motivated again. Seems like health, mental happiness, and feeling good about myself ought to be enough, not to mention some of the goals I’ve set for myself, but right now it isn’t working.

…thankful for my family. I had a massive headache this afternoon, left work early, picked Skyler up and came home to recover. When I walked in the door, Ronnie had made a pallet for me on the couch with my pillows and a blanket, so I could walk in and crash. Bruno was kind enough to warm it up for me. Skyler climbed up and said “I’ll sit with you for a bit, Mommy, since you don’t feel vewwy well. Do you want me to rub your back?” Shortly thereafter, Ronnie took Skyler to the park, and Oliver curled up behind my knees.

It’s rare that I’m on this side of things; normally I’m trying to keep a moody three-year-old happy yet disciplined, and in between her, I’m letting one animal outside while trying to keep the other inside, filling up food bowls and sippy cups multiple times a day, wiping a bottom or four dirty paws. But it was pretty heartwarming to be the one being taken care of. It was the best 45 minute naptime ever!


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