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While I don’t feel like we’re terribly busy with anything big and out of the ordinary these days, I still haven’t had the time to sit down and write much. Some of it is lack of inspiration – it just doesn’t seem there’s much new to report, and I don’t feel really strongly about anything enough to sit down and write about it! But I guess I have been busier, just doing things I should always be doing, and not letting a would-be blog post keep me from other more important things.

Like, Skyler and I go grocery shopping during the week now, because I just can’t stand the crowds on the weekend, so that takes up a good part of Tuesday evenings. I’ve also been very committed to working out, so if I don’t get it done on my lunch hour, I’ve been taking 30 – 40 minutes at night to workout at home. The weather’s also been nicer so I’ve been taking Skyler out for runs in the stroller any chance we get. I’ve even prepared dinner or gotten it started a couple times lately, when Ronnie works the really late nights.

Anyway, Skyler’s been up to some funny things lately, that I wanted to be sure and document so we don’t forget. All these things come in such short phases, and there are too many to remember!

Today we were driving home and sat at a stoplight in front of a 24 Hour Fitness – not the one Ronnie works at. Skyler was looking out the window and said “That’s for Daddy!!! That’s for Daddy!” over and over, and besides an average silver car next to us and an Arby’s, I couldn’t figure out what she was talking about. The gigantic 24 Hour Fitness logo on the front of the building finally jumped out at me, and I realized she was looking at that. She sees that logo on his hat, shirts, towels, and nametag. I was pretty impressed!

There’s a new baby at daycare named Charlie (short for Charlotte), who Skyler just adores. I’m told she likes to share Pink Bear with Charlie. But at home, on a nearly daily basis, Skyler gets her blankie and sort of rolls around on the couch with this distressed look on her face and a weird nasally whine, almost like she’s stuck and helpless. I couldn’t figure out what she was doing and finally she told me “I’m being baby Charlie.” Sure enough, next time she did that, it totally seemed like a helpless, immobile little baby hanging out on the couch, trying to roll, kicking legs, flailing arms, and making those young baby grunts and cries.

Finally, Skyler is obsesses with yellow cars. Everytime we’re driving and a yellow car is somewhere in her view on the road, she gets excited and yells and points at the yellow car to make sure I see it. And when I told her that Gramma Kelley was going to get a new car, she said “I want Gramma Kewwey to get a new yewwow caw!” I hope she’s not too disappointed when she sees Gramma’s new car, because I’m pretty sure she did not pick yellow!

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  1. Now I understand! She wrapped herself up in a blanket the other day and rolled around on the floor. She then wanted me to pick her up and hold her like a baby. What a character!

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