The latest random photos…

Here are some new cute photos of Skyler. She keeps getting more and more fun. She’s waving bye-bye now, which is absolutely adorable. She is in love with Bruno. Whenever she sees him in the room she yells/laughs and flaps her arms in excitement (sometime soon I hope to post a video of one of their “kiss-fests”). When I pick her up, she wiggles all over the place in my arms as she sees things around the room that interest her, and she’ll reach or lunge for whatever catches her eyes. She seems to get stronger and stronger every day, and I honestly don’t think she knows her own strength yet to know what to do with it!

She now enjoys bathtime!

Wrestling with her Pink Bear –

Road trip! She likes to hang on to her rings that hang from her carseat handle (notice Bruno laying on her feet)

This is the life!


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  1. Lori, Skyler is REALLY plumping up! It is so noticable. Keep shoveling that food in her!

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