The Difference Between Mommy & Daddy

By Skyler

Daddy dresses me in onesies. It doesn’t matter which onesies, if they are nice ones or sleep ones. He typically avoids the Winnie the Pooh onesies, and if he puts socks on my feet, they don’t always match my onesie. Same goes with pants. He even put the pants on my head at times! Mommy looks for the cutest possible outfit that I can fit into. Sometimes, she changes my outfit three times before deciding on one. And, she’s really picky about if the onesie I’m wearing is considered a “sleep onesie” or a “cute onesie.” I, of course know, that I look cute in ALL onesies, so I don’t know why she cares so much!

Daddy likes to play really fun games with me that Mommy doesn’t like. For example, Daddy likes to balance me on his hand in upright position and walk around the room. I think it’s a blast! Sometimes I get so excited I flex my back and kick out my legs, and Daddy has to hurry and catch me so I don’t fall to the ground.

Mommy had to add this nearly duplicate photo because she thinks Daddy looks really hot in it!

When Daddy is feeding me, he will wipe up my messes with anything he can find handy, whether it’s a blanket, his shirt, or even a sock. Mommy typically puts a bib on me beforehand and then brings an extra burp cloth for bigger messes.

Mommy loves to change my diaper – it’s one of our favorite play times together. She sings the ABC’s to me and gives me Zerberts on my belly. And when she takes my dirty diaper off, she yells “freedom” really loud and I get excited and kick my legs because the fresh air feels really good. Daddy has a different process. If I have a poopy diaper, he takes one of my spare onesies and buttons it around his face in a ninja-style mask to block the smell so he doesn’t throw up on me (even though I’ve thrown up on him many times!). Then, he always takes the new clean diaper and lets me wear it on my head as a hat. I usually try to eat it, but I don’t get very far till he takes it from me to put on my bottom.

But even though Mommy & Daddy do things differently, I love them just the same. They are my favorite parents!

3 responses to “The Difference Between Mommy & Daddy”

  1. I love this!! Brandon is color blind so his outfit selections for himself, much less Aubrey, can be quite interesting. This is a really cute post, I’m glad to see you’re teaching Skyler to be a web junkie just like the rest of us. 🙂

  2. Haha! Reading this reminds me so much of Jake and I with Benjamin. I try to always lay outfits out for Ben when I think about it. When you mentioned wiping Skyler’s face with a sock, I had to laugh out loud. And then the balancing, there must be something with guys and the “balancing act” My brothers and Jake are constantly doing that with Ben and Ava. It scares me and most the time, I don’t like to watch:)

  3. hahaha, that was a funny post. yes, there is definately a difference in parenting styles in this household too. hank’s daddy doesn’t care too much about the outfit either. hank’s mommy wants him to look as cute as possible! (depending on the laundry situation anyway…)

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