Skyler has been getting more interested in what’s on the TV lately. Sometimes she likes to site with me and watch for a few minutes. Though some would argue that TV is bad for children, I am actually trying to influence my daughter to find the TV interesting and get to the point of watching an entire full length animated movie at some point in the near future. Because at the stage she is in now, she is requiring my attention at every second that we are home. It has been impossible to get anything done like prepare dinner or go to the bathroom without her screaming and crying and chasing after me and clinging to my leg in horror while I’m doing something other than playing with her. These last few weeks I’ve dreaded our evenings at home, and counted the minutes till Ronnie arrived, because when he gets there, she turns into this adorable funny toddler her can run around and play happily without either of our direct attention. What gives?

So back to the TV – YES, I am trying to get my daughter to watch more of it in hopes that it can become a substitute for me. That goes against every piece of parenting advice I’ve ever seen, but this momma needs some help around the house!

We’ve been watching Animal Planet, but it can be a bit too slow and boring for a toddler’s attention. She’s excited for a minute when an animal she knows, like a bear or a dog comes on screen, but her thrill fades to boredom quickly. I’ve also been pushing Spongebob. It’s on every evening and also Saturday mornings, so if I could make her a fan of that, I’d have a consistently available and free babysitter. She’s starting to get the hang – as soon as Spongebob comes on the screen she points and yells “Bumbob! Bumbob!” So we’re making progress!

Though now I’m wondering if I should rethink my choice of programming, after seeing this:

spongebob squarepants and patrick star
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  1. Oh please, not Spongebob! Don’t you get Sesame Street? Clifford the Big Red Dog? Dora? Barney? Or try a toy catalog! My daughter could sit for an hour browsing a catalog!

  2. Baby Einstein was a huge hit in my house. I will try and dig out a few of my DVD’s and bring them to you.

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