I realized I hadn’t posted since my bout with self pity, so I figured I should get something up here so people don’t think that I drove myself off a cliff or something. So, to update my status since last time I posted, Ronnie has been working with a few of his clients to try to rearrange his schedule and get home an hour earlier on Tuesdays and Thursdays. That should officially start in December, so Skyler and I are really looking forward to that!

We are gearing up for Skyler’s second Thanksgiving. I’m really excited about it because I love Thanksgiving food! Sweet potato casserole whipped with cream cheese has got to be my favorite item! I might even make it this year. But then my grandmother’s green beans with onion and bacon, or the turkey gravy over mashed potatoes…gosh I can’t wait! I look forward more to the actual meal than the desserts, which is unusual for me. I can’t wait for Skyler to be able to enjoy the actual food with us this time instead of being stuck with formula and laying on a blanket next to the table like last year.

Thinking about this being Skyler’s second Thanksgiving made me think to go back and find a photo of her from this time last year. This was actually taken as we were heading out the door to Thanksgiving lunch. She’s changed so much!!!


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