So far, this July…

First of all, I thought this photo was really sweet. It was the first night of Skyler’s ear infection, and we rolled her on her side to put antisceptic ear drops in, after which she totally relaxed and fell asleep “playing” with the remote.

I just love this shirt I picked up for her – and I’m proud to say it’s “12 month” size. She fits into a few of those at 10 months! She’s not too far behind…

Skyler isn’t the only one who loves her plush lamb…

This is her new favorite thing to do – push up! It’s about time…I’m pretty sure I know of 4-month-olds that do this regularly. But Sky’s got her own timing.

And finally, she’s very proud of her two front teeth!


  1. Adria Hunter says:

    oh boy, pushing up! she’ll be crawling before you know it. i can’t believe she’s 10 months old!

  2. Heather says:

    She is even cuter than ever!

  3. She is getting so big! That’s great. And I love how you phrased that she has her own timing. I don’t believe in “by-the-book” baby development. She is healthy, obviously quite happy and that is all that matters. She gets to be your baby longer than some moms get to enjoy. You’re blessed. Gotta love it.

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