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Skyler’s vocabulary is pretty amazing to me. She struggles with only a couple common letters on certain words, mostly things that start with “t” and “d” – they come out as “k” and a hard “g” usually. But otherwise she’s got some pretty good and rather mature sentence structure. She absorbs & regurgitates the way we phrase things EXACTLY, and it cracks me up when she says some things.

Like, often times when she needs a snack I go to the fridge and start naming off things she can have: “What about…fruit? What about…cheese?” And she’ll pick the one she wants. The other night before bedtime she was begging for a fruit bar. She’s currently obsessed with the Nutrigrain fruit & yogurt bars – like asks for them every hour of the day. So of course I say no b/c it’s almost bedtime and she’s had quite enough to eat that evening. She leans her little elbows on the couch facing me and looking up so politely and says “What about…ceeweal? It was the most adorable thing to hear her ask the question the way I do, so I had to get her some cereal for a snack!

Here are some of Skyler’s more unique pronunciations with definitions:

Skyah – Skyler, me, my, mine (she only speaks of herself in the 3rd person)
skebby – spaghetti
goggy – doggy
kuck – truck
big moon – the moon, but to her it’s always BIG.
peese – please
aiwpane – airlplane
hebicopter – helicopter
ettaphant – elephant
I mon it! – I want it, with an extra whiney emphasis on the “mon”
cocko milk – chocolate milk
mimics – music. This is going away though and she can almost say it right
Bunno – Bruno
mershull – commercial
pinkaball – her big pink toy ball
play pictures – play the computer
fwing – swing

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  1. I just love that you’ve documented Skylar’s pronunciation of so many things. It’s one of those things that will fade from memory far too quickly. One of my favorite things is watching Aubrey’s vocabulary grow. They’re just such amazing little sponges at this age. I need to make a list like this. 🙂

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