Rocky start

I haven’t had the best start to my ten pound goal, but it hasn’t been awful either. But I need to admit to a few things so I can lose the guilt and move on. The last two days my lunches have been less than healthy. On Thursday a coworker brought me over a plate that consisted of a chicken fajita (flour tortilla, seasoned chicken, cheese and salsa – not too bad, though the tortilla is pretty much worthless calories) and some espinaca dip with chips. Oops! I didn’t have a large quantity, but the quality was not good for weight loss, for sure. Then I got busy and didn’t even snack the rest of the day. Basic omelet & cheese for dinner, natural granola bar for dessert, so at least I ended the day decent.

Yesterday started off fine until a couple girls I work with wanted to go get sushi for lunch. I haven’t had sushi since January, I think, so I couldn’t say no to that! We did get edamame as an appetizer, which is basically soybeans, so that was healthy. But then the four sushi rolls that we shared were fairly loaded up with calories. I will say it was a nutritious set of calories, with seafood, cucumbers, and avocadoes. Not the worst, but not the best. Last night we got Applebee’s takeout, and I behaved and got a yummy grilled chicken salad with sliced avocadoes. I managed not to workout Thursday or Friday, but as soon as Skyler laid down for her nap today, I got out a full body sculpting video and spent 40 minutes working out. Oh, and my breakfast today consisted of Cocoa Puffs. NOT HEALTHY.

Okay, I got it out there. Things could’ve been much worse, but also much better. Basically my progress so far has been good enough to maintain, but that is not my goal. The hardest part is the weekend, when we tend to eat out more, and typically one meal involves pizza, so hopefully I can limit myself and get another good workout in tomorrow!

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