Rock n’ Roll

Skyler has begun all kinds of new things this past week! Anytime there is music playing, whether on TV, coming from one of her toys, or even if Ronnie or I just clap our hands in a rhythm, Skyler starts to dance. Since she’s not walking yet, it’s just when she’s sitting or kneeling, and she wiggles her little shoulders and hips side to side, sometimes even with a head-bob. It is the cutest thing!

She’s also begun the “rock” that babies do while on hands and knees, the precursor to crawling. She does have her own version of crawling now, which has made me wonder if she’ll ever be traditional. She does more of the military style crawling, mixed with rolling whichever way she needs to go. She can definitely go places! But now it appears she might actually have “standard” crawling in her near future!

And, we finally had successful “self-feeding” tonight! After I fed her babyfood, I gave her some puffs (little cereal pieces) and just let her play with them. It wasn’t a few seconds before she picked one up and put it in her mouth without any assistance at all! She had several other successful attempts, though I think she gets about one in her mouth for every five that she drops in her lap or on the floor. But hey, it’s progress, and it will be no time at all before we’re moving on from puffs to bigger and better things! Hopefully this will also mean fewer battles of the will at dinnertime.

In addition, her “vocabulary” has gotten increasingly varied. She’s moving past the stage of repetitive consonant sounds and is now mixing sounds up into her own amusing language. She’s also experimenting with volume and pitch. She loves to squeal in the highest voice possible. I love listening to her! She has the cutest voice. We were even playing with one of her blocks that has a picture of an apple on it. She kept pointing to the apple so I kept repeating “apple” to her, and then she pointed at it again and said “bap bap,” which to me sounded like a very good first attempt at saying “apple.” She also repeated it several times while pointing to it. I have a friend who’s older toddler says “mo mo” for “oatmeal,” which seems like a very similar “young” version of a word, so I’m pretty convinced Skyler was trying to repeat me!

Okay, now it’s picture time. Just some recent shots of various playtime.

The Angel:

The Devil:

Thinking about it…(that’s our TV remote in her hands)

Doing it…

“Seriously, Mom, enough with the pictures today?”


3 responses to “Rock n’ Roll”

  1. CUTER BY THE DAY! Just want to squeeze her. These pictures make me want to find a weekend to head to KC and visit!

  2. AWWW!!! Lil CUTIE!! SHe’s looking so big, especially in the Pucker Up outfit

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