Party in the Park

Skyler’s second birthday (I feel like I JUST posted photos from her first birthday – crazy!). This post will be short on words, but long on pictures!

Cooper, my parents labrador, joined us for the party.

Exploring the park with Granny

Blowin’ out the candle (with Daddy’s help!)

Sharing cake with Gramma Oswald, and then rounds of sharing with everyone else

This year she was much more into opening presents. Though she didn’t quite realize she was the center of it all, she enjoyed finding out what was under the paper or inside the bag.

Not too sure about one of her new tricycles

But once Daddy made it go fast, she was all about it!

Onto the playground for swinging, of course.

Climbing up to the slide

She wouldn’t go down without Mommy

But Daddy wasn’t as nice!

Playing on the bench by Uncle Sterling

and with Gramma and Grampa Kelley

Practicing her jumps with Mommy’s help

Uncle Matt and Darci got quite a kick out of Skyler’s various park antics

Partys over, time to go home and play with all the new toys!

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