Off Kilter

Our week did not get off to the start I expected. On Saturday, Skyler broke her glasses. I think those lasted a whole month. I also think they are fixable. Looks like the tiny screw fell out so if we can take them back and get a new screw, they’ll be back in business. How did she break them? Swinging on the bars at a CrossFit gym. Figures, and I should have known better. Then Sunday, she developed a fever. Didn’t seem to have any other symptoms, though she woke up from her nap in really bad shape – just burning up and crying. A little Motrin had her back to her usual silly self in a half hour. But the fever has persisted through this morning, but so far this afternoon it has faded away. She never complained of anything else, and only had that rough few minutes on Sunday, so who knows what it was? Unfortunately, I had signed her up for swimming lessons through her preschool starting yesterday. It was not cheap, goes for this week and next, and she’s now missed the first two days. I hope she catches on quickly when she finally gets there.

So…it’s been an odd start to the week. The plus side is that while cabin fever is starting to seriously set in, Skyler and I have had some great bonding time. She’s really been pretty sweet, and we’ve spent a ton of time snuggling, watching movies on the couch together, and taking naps together. I’ve really enjoyed our relaxed Mommy/Daughter time, even though it’s been spent holed up at home. It’s been a much needed relief to what has been a stressful relationship over the past few weeks. She’s not been her tumultuous, unpredictable self, and it has been so refreshing to just enjoy her sweetness.

I do hope we’re clear of whatever bug this is, because we’re both ready to get back in the swing of things. She’s been asking if her friends at preschool are crying because they miss her…

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