Natural Light

I love photography. My good friend Rebecca is a professional photographer and I love following along her photo blog. Her work is inspiring to me, and makes me want to pick up a camera. In high school I took photo classes and continued with it my first year in college as part of an art degree, but then I chose to pursue marketing instead, so I lost touch with my lens. Granted, I’ve got my trusty digital that I use nonstop for snapshots, but I never take anything that would be considered “artistic.” The lack of indoor lighting and necessary use of the automatic focus and flash pretty much limits creativity. Someday I’d like to find myself an inexpensive digital SLR camera that I could adjust for low lighting and control where the focus is. I really get tired of the glowing white faces and dark backgrounds that using the auto flash produces!

Recently, our back living room had some lovely light coming in from the skylight, so I took Skyler back there for a “photo shoot.” I love that room anyway, so I thought I’d see if we could get some nice flashless shots. It wasn’t much, but it was nice to get some images of Skyler with a non-reflective quality about her skin! Rebecca – check out the motion effect I got on the first image. I meant to do that…yeah, right, but it turned out to be a nice touch! Click here and look at the 5th photo down to see one of my favorite intentional motion effects that Rebecca shot of my friend Jenni for her engagement session. Okay, now, here’s Skyler!

4 responses to “Natural Light”

  1. Skyler is starting to look a bit like her uncle Sterling. But in some poses, I see her dad!

  2. Skyler looks so adorable … she’s really growing!
    And Rebecca really is awesome … one of my favorite shots of hers that I’ve seen since watching her blog is the b/w one of Skyler in that hat … Adorable!

  3. I LOVE these shots!!! It is all about the great light… 🙂
    Thank you so much for all of your AMAZING compliments…I am so humbled… 🙂

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