Keeping busy!

I haven’t been able to write as much lately. I’m hoping the pictures and videos do enough talking for me, because it takes long enough just to get them downloaded and linked properly, let alone write something!

But a little more detail into our lives…

Last week Skyler had a sudden onset of diaper rash, which she’s NEVER had in her life thus far. We noticed it coincided with a new pack of diapers, which were the Target brand. We hadn’t used those since she was days old. I wondered if she might be sensitive to something in those particular diapers, so I switched back to some Luv’s that we had, and it miraculously went away! so, I guess the Target brand is no more! Too bad, because I did like the fit and absorbancy, and of course the price! But Luv’s is the next best thing I guess.

She tried peas tonight for the first time. I was excited to see the nutrition label on the bag of frozen peas I bought said 5 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber per serving. That’s pretty good nutrition for a vegetable! Anyway, she loved them! I expect having some extra protein will also help with her weight gain. I know you aren’t supposed to start babies on meats till they are 8 months, but I may ask her doctor if starting earlier would help get her weight caught up as well. So far, she’s had both rice and oatmeal cereals, green beans, squash, sweet potatoes, peas, and bananas, and she’s loved them all!

Update on me and my refreshed fitness incentive: I did 5 out of 6 of my workouts last week, and the one I skipped was yoga. I’m not downplaying yoga, but of all the workouts to skip, I believe I missed the least by choosing that one. I was pretty sore this weekend so on my “rest day,” I took Skyler for a nice 45 minute walk. It did not help loosen my legs any, so yesterday instead of starting back at the beginning of my workouts, I took Skyler for another 35 minute walk to give me one more day to recover. Today I resumed the workout schedule, and it kicked my butt – in a good way!

In closing, here is a fun video from last night. Skyler is so much fun to play with. And, she actually rolled herself all the way over from back to front while playing. Next step – go back the other way!

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