I shot this gem while Skyler was goofing around one night. We had “Toddler Tunes” (Time Warner digital channel 528) playing on the TV, and this particular song got her acting silly. She was dancing, jumping, and spinning around, but she hasn’t yet learned the concept of dizzy. I’ve watched this over and over and I still crack up at the end every time! Wait for it…

9 responses to “Dizzy”

  1. Oh my! I can’t stop laughing! She really had to go out of her way to run into the wall, but it’s pretty priceless!

  2. That was GREAT!!! I will be laughing about that all day. Poor Skyler! One day she will learn 😉

  3. I have watched this 3 times and laugh out loud each time! super funnY! Oh KIDS!

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