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I shot this gem while Skyler was goofing around one night. We had “Toddler Tunes” (Time Warner digital channel 528) playing on the TV, and this particular song got her acting silly. She was dancing, jumping, and spinning around, but she hasn’t yet learned the concept of dizzy. I’ve watched this over and over and …

Future dance lessons?

Every time a music beat comes on, Skyler starts dancing. Whether it’s music from her toy or a commercial, she starts a side to side or waving her hands in the air, sometimes clapping. Tonight I put on one of my own favorite dance beats, and Skyler picked up on the rhythm right away!

First Dance

Skyler is all about dancing lately! She sits and sways her shoulders and hips back and forth when she hears music. Whether it’s a toy or a commercial on TV, she hears a beat and starts groovin’!

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