Catching up – Part II: Skyler’s 1st Birthday

Skyler’s big day was great! I can’t believe it has actually come and gone already. And, I can’t believe I haven’t done any of the things that I’d planned to do for her birthday, like create a slideshow of her first year for this blog, and write her a letter on that day. I guess I could still write her a letter and pre-date it – she’d never really know, right?

So onto the party!

Skyler didn’t spend much time on her typical floor-level. One of her grandmothers always had a hold of her. Here she is first with Grandma Sandy, and then next playing “Trashcan” with Grammy K. You might ask what “Trashcan” is, and shamefully I”ll admit it’s a game that Ronnie made up where he basically pretends to “throw her in the trashcan,” meaning he sort of tosses her around while saying “I’ll throooooowwww you in the trashcan” and she thinks it’s the most hilarious thing ever. I know, it’s kinda sick. But even Grammy K was playing it.

And then the classic first cake photos. Skyler was very unsure about this. We showed her what to do by using our fingers to scoop up icing and put it in her mouth. She was not too impressed. I’m starting to think she did not inherit either of her parents’ sweet tooths, because she had very little interest in eating the cake.

She was more fascinated with the colored icing though, and liked flicking it onto the floor.

And I didn’t know it until I took the tray off the highchair, but she was wiping the pink icing onto her diaper.

After a quick bath, we got down to the gifts. This, she was much more into than I expected! She was very into pulling tissue paper and presents out of the gift bags all by herself.

She would then examine each gift once it was out of the wrapping. Check this one out – giant Lego’s!!!

Here she is showing me the flowers on her jeans

We tried for a quick family picture, but she wasn’t quite into it…

And finally, she’s had ENOUGH! (Is it wrong to think it’s hilarious when your child is crying for no reason and scramble to get a photo of it?)

Finally, after everyone was gone, Skyler had some fun goofing off with Daddy –


3 responses to “Catching up – Part II: Skyler’s 1st Birthday”

  1. How cute! I do the same thing when Aubrey cries for no reason! Like their life is so rough. Looks like she had a great birthday.

  2. Amazing how time flies. Great pictures of Skyler! Happy First Birthday. Looked like she enjoyed it very much. The bow on top of her head is adorable. Have you ever thought of putting a pigtail on top her head? She would look like Pebbles. So cute. . You could easily put her in some jeans or camouflage to make her less girlie. Or of course, a KC Chiefs outfit…

    Anyways, she’s adorable as always.

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