Cardiology Follow-up

Skyler had her first follow-up appointment this afternoon. It went good overall. She’s gained 10 oz or so since we left the hospital (two weeks ago), so that’s great that she’s gaining weight again, even while being on Lasix which sucks the fluid right out of her. Dr. Schroeder did a sonogram and thought things looked a little improved and maybe her heart was smaller, but she didn’t have the last sonogram from Children’s Mercy to compare side by side. She couldn’t get a good look at her aorta b/c Skyler was crying to much, so she’ll try again in a couple weeks. Might end up having to sedate her to get it, which would mean a little time in the ICU so they could monitor her closely during it, but it would just be a few hours at the most.

The best part was, as soon as the cardiologist saw her she was amazed with how good she looked compared to when she first saw her a month ago and diagnosed her problem. She couldn’t stop saying how much better she looked and acted than that time. That was the most reassuring thing to me. We’ll be going back every 2 – 3 weeks for awhile, and she has to stay on her meds for awhile. No daycare for a few more weeks. She is still technically in recovery even though she’s acting pretty normal, so the doc doesn’t want her catching any respiratory viruses if at all possible!

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  1. That’s good!! I’m glad she’s doing so much better and I agree, she looks so much better too.

  2. Yea! That’s great news, Lori. I’m so happy for you guys. I will keep sending prayers your way for a speedy recovery.
    Also, loved the playtime photos! Skyler is so darling!

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