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Healthy Heart!

We just got back from the cardiologist and I want to cry happy tears! As soon as they put the wand on Skyler’s chest for the sonogram, the cardiologist nearly jumped out of her seat in excitement of how good her heart looked! She ran calculations twice just to make sure it was as good …

Doctor sees improvement!

Ronnie took Skyler to her cardiology appointment this morning and the doctor said she is finally seeing some improvement in her heart function! Apparently Skyler was pretty well-behaved, too, because the doctor was able to experience some of her normal happy demeanor. She’s now a whopping 13 pounds and 2 ounces (hey, that’s big for …

Cardiology Follow-up

Skyler had her first follow-up appointment this afternoon. It went good overall. She’s gained 10 oz or so since we left the hospital (two weeks ago), so that’s great that she’s gaining weight again, even while being on Lasix which sucks the fluid right out of her. Dr. Schroeder did a sonogram and thought things …

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