Can’t Have Nothin’ Nice

Since Skyler joined our world a few years ago, we’ve basically given up on having a nice and well-decorated home. It’s just not practical. Between puke, pee, endless amounts of spilled food and drinks, and drawing utensils, most things we have in this house are ruined.

The area rug in the living room is stained with a wide variety of food items, and recently, Jell-O. We don’t have an eat-in kitchen and our dining room has been used as storage for most of our time here (plus you can’t see the TV from there, HELLO! So most of our meals happen in the living room. It was inevitable. The rug also has dried up Play-Doh crumbs embedded in the fibers.

We can’t keep Bruno off the armchair when we’re gone, and he, unfortunately in his old age, leaks from both ends in his sleep. The chair has been pretty much ruined for sometimes, but now and then I scrub it down to make me feel better about keeping it. The other day, after Skyler wanted a [red] popsicle, I told her ONLY if she sat and ate it at her little table, which she did. I thought she had long been done with it, until I hear this “Uh-OH!!!!” and I see her hop off the armchair with her popsicle wrapper in hand, and red drops of melted cherry sugar all over the cushion.

Even our bedroom, which I decided to redecorate last Winter, has gone to shambles already. We had bought a new black and white comforter for our bed, which again, we can’t keep Bruno off. He gets up there in the daytime and leaks, in addition to his often dirty paws. The bedspread is already permanently stained with mud and dog stink. It’s currently on the floor and we are letting him use it as his bed.

Last night, Skyler had been “quietly playing in another room” and I realized that was probably not a good thing, so I went to check on her. She came out of the bathroom with a black marker in hand, smiling. When I looked to see what she was up to, I found some lovely artwork and evidence of her practicing her penmanship, all over the wall and white wainscoting. I found more art on the wall in the hallway as well.

So….yeah. Our house is in great shape. My desire to do any sort of entertaining has dropped dramatically over the last few years. But how can I hate on Bruno or Skyler? She did get a good lecture for the artwork, but I’m not gonna lie, it was hard not to laugh. And she’s really coming a long way on her letters!

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  1. I’ve noticed she likes to write from right to left. So, you might have to move to China! But yeah, her writing is coming along way. We have a nightstand that has a stick people picture carved into it of you and Matt. A creation by your big brother. We might not want Skyler and Matt to spend much time together, at least if we think they are playing quietly in another room!

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