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This 4th of July was Skyler’s first real Independence Day celebration. Last year she was so young, we left her with grandparents and went on our friends’ boat in Jeff City. This year we had a long relaxing weekend at home (besides all the laundry, housecleaning, and packing for our vacation next week). To celebrate the 4th, Ronnie’s best friend invited us over to their house in Lee’s Summit to bbq and watch fireworks. They have two little girls; Adrianna is a few months old than Skyler, and Olivia, who is a few years older.

Their grandparents had brought the girls some fun fireworks to set off in their driveway, and I was interested to see what Skyler would do. For the most part, she was uninterested in watching them. But as soon as there was any large crackling, she’d startle and come running for Ronnie or me. We tried to make sure she knew it was for fun and not something to be scared of, so each loud boom we’d clap our hands and say “boom boom” and she’d imitate us. She wasn’t completely sure about the whole situation, but I’m also pretty sure she wasn’t ruined for fireworks in the future.

Our evening was cut a bit short; her eyes were all glassy and goopy with a cold, so we left right before the big neighborhood fireworks show was going to start. I tried to put her to bed, but our own neighborhood fireworks show was so loud, she was scared, so I stayed in her room and rocked her till i could hear the booms of the finale. Minutes later, she was passed out in my arms. I thought now this, this is the perfect way to end day.

Adrianna, Skyler, and Olivia, playing in the driveway before fireworks
Adrianna, Skyler, and Olivia, playing in the driveway before fireworks
Adrianna showing off her glow bracelet
Adrianna showing off her glow bracelet
Olivia posing for the camera
Olivia posing for the camera
Skyler and me - weve got to work on her cheesin skills. Nonexistent.
Skyler and me - we've got to work on her "cheesin'" skills. Nonexistent.

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  1. Adria Hunter says:

    fun times – cute kids!
    awe, you’ll have to watch the fireworks show from your front yard sometime!! we like that show but we weren’t there this year (took hank the last 2 years though – even as a 4 wk old baby). this year he wasn’t too pumped about the loud factor at the show we went to.

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