Accountability 2010

Like everyone else, it’s always part of my New Year Resolution to “get back in shape” or “lose weight” or “exercise more.” The problem with these resolutions is they don’t follow good goal-setting rules. They are kind of measurable, but not really. I mean, “get back in shape” – what shape? The shape that fits in a certain pair of jeans, or the kind of shape that can run a half marathon? And by when, next year? Next month? Same with “lose weight” – I could hit the sauna at the gym today and sweat a couple pounds off today, and then my resolution would be met. I don’t think that’s really what I’m going for.

So, I’m thinking about a way to make these goals worthwhile and successful. And that leads me to want to register for several running races over the course of the year. Maybe every couple months I could do a 10K and then work my way toward another half marathon later in the year. These regular runs would require me to stay on top of my training which would hopefully help me get and stay in better shape.

I’m looking through the local race schedule and I see a 10K at the end of February, which ought to be easy for me to get ready for. But dang, that’s going to be some COLD RUNNING. Oh well, I can do it!

The nice bonus to most of the local runs is most or all of the entry fee goes toward a local charity, so that just adds to the benefit of doing these. The more I look at this schedule, the more I think I’m definitely going to do this. However, I guess I should get new running shoes first, as mine are now well over a year old and have way too many miles on them. I’ve got some Christmas money left so I suppose that’s what I’ll put it towards!

Happy New Year, and happy running to me! Here’s to a healthier and faster new year.

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  2. Good luck with your goal! I did a couple races last year and it’s fun. Running in the cold is harsh so you have to be really motivated.

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