A day in the life: questions from a 4-year-old

Layla fingerpainting

Layla’s been home with me while I worked for a solid 6 months this year due to the pandemic. I’m sure I will look back on this time fondly, but to be honest, it’s been exhausting! While she’s generally a bubbly, funny, sweet little girl, her curiosity and questions have narrowed my vocabulary basically to “I don’t know.” Sometimes I’m just so tired of explaining in a way that she can understand, and sometimes I just really don’t know.

Michaels Kids CraftsWhy don’t worms have names?

What color does pink and orange make?

Why don’t puppies talk?

Why do you have to work so much?

Why don’t grown-ups go down slides?

Why do boys pee standing up?

What color does blue and black make?

Why do puppies like TV’s?

Why does the nighttime go so fast?

Why can’t worms talk?

Why do babies like rattles all the time?

Why are puppies so cute?

Why are you working on your bow, Daddy, to make it look cooler?

When I’m 40, will a guy put a baby in my belly?

Why don’t worms have mouths?

What color does green and blue make?

Why is Disney not on this remote?

Do puppies have blood in their bodies?

Why does the moon always follow me?

Why is Kiki’s eye not going to get fixed?

Why do we stand on our two feet but sometimes use our hands?

Why don’t puppies have butt cheeks like we do?”

— Layla Oswald, Age 4

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