20/20 is Overrated Anyway

Skyler has been blinking and squinting frequently for a couple weeks now. It wasn’t a gradual thing; I just picked her up from preschool one day and she was doing it. I thought maybe one of the kids had thrown sand at her on the playground or maybe she just saw one of the kids squinting and picked it up. But it went on all week. Maybe it was allergies? Her teachers noticed too and said if she kept doing it through the weekend to have her see the doctor. They thought it was odd too. She never complained and wasn’t falling over anything. She seemed to see and function otherwise fine. It never did subside, so we called her regular doctor and they said to see an opthalmologist to make sure everything was ok.

Ronnie took her today, and after a series of methods they use to test eyesight in young children, turns out she is near-sighted and has astigmatism! He prescribed her eyeglasses and a return visit in 6 months, because apparently since she’s so young, eyeglasses might help fix/slow the problem. So, we’ll be eyeglass shopping for a 3 1/2 year old next week!

I have the weirdest feelings about all of this. At first I feel sad – the more she grows up the more genetic flaws will present themselves. I can’t protect her from everything, not even her own genes. I should’ve guessed eyesight would be an issue, but I just didn’t expect it so soon! I have terrible eyes, but passed the school eye tests until I was in 5th grade. Ronnie wears glasses too, but he can go without them if he has to. He’s not blind like me.

Then I wonder at what age kids might make fun of her for wearing glasses. Do kids still do that? Glasses as an accessory have become fashionable in the last several years that maybe that stigma is gone away. She can be my little hipster baby! So then I start thinking how adorable this could be and how fun it will be to go pick out some cute glasses together. Also, expensive, is another possibility. She is not very good at taking care of things…

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  1. Your story caught my eye on Facebook- I don’t get here very often, sorry. Oscar got glasses a two months ago- there are still post-it notes all over to help him remember to wear them. By the time Skylar is 7 it will be old news. (Unless she grows out of it, my brother did:)) There were way more girl-glasses than boy glasses, trendy and pretty. Pictures?

  2. Well, she comes by it honestly. Even though you were in 5th grade, how long did you have vision problems before we discovered it??!! And she is more like her grandma who got glasses when she was 4! Try not to spend much cuz like all kids, she’ll lose them often or break them in the most creative ways!

  3. My daughter also had to get glasses when she was three. Upon getting them she looked around at things like the grass and such as if she’d never really seen them, because her eyes were so bad. At that time I was thinking that she’d always need them, but today she’s almost 16 and her eyes have corrected. She no longer needs glasses.

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