Writer’s block

I haven’t posted much lately because I just haven’t been in the mood to write! I’ve been super busy, whether it’s keeping Skyler entertained (she gets bored so much faster these days), working out when she’s sleeping, catching up on laundry, or searching for a new daycare. Yes, we are on the search for a new daycare, and I’m really sad about it. We loved Skyler’s daycare and felt really comfortable with it. Our spot was even being saved till she was recovered from surgery and the doc released her to go back.

But something happened, I’m not sure what. I could never get a hold of her daycare teacher to finalize the details on her return. She was supposed to have her baby around that time, and last I knew, she had been put on bedrest. That was about a month ago, and after several phone calls, and messages, I gave up. I’m not mad about it at all, but I’m more concerned. She was very professional and normally very quick to return phone calls, and she was very supportive during Skyler’s hospitalization – she came to visit, sent a card signed by the other families at the daycare, and called often to check up on Skyler.

I’m terribly afraid that something happened with her and/or her baby and they are not in a position to call us back and worry about daycare. I’ve been praying for them and hoping to hear from them that their answering machine broke and they never got my messages. But I’ve also had to give up and start the search for another daycare. If you have a moment, please say a prayer for them that all is well and it was just a miscommunication and not something bad that happened. And say a prayer for us that we can find another wonderful place to care for Skyler. It’s going to be especially hard this time because she is even more weary of strangers, and we are more weary of who will care for her since they have so much more to be aware of than before. I’m not looking forward to the day I have to drop her off for the first time! It was so easy before because she was too young to care or know what’s going on. But our girl is much smarter now. I’m afraid she won’t take it so well this time!

Anyway, someday soon I’ll get caught up with photos and videos…I’ve got lots to upload.

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