Holiday season is fast approaching, and we’re starting to gear up. First, I changed my blog theme. The old “springy” theme has lasted me almost two years, but I got tired of having to work with the set color scheme when designing headers, so I’ve chosen this neutral option. My current header is basic but works with the cold weather, and that purple is one of my favorite colors right now! When I’m feeling creative I’ll try to come up with something more personal like the previous header with photos in it.

Today Ronnie and I raked up the last of the fallen leaves in the yard for leaf pickup tomorrow. We also dug up our bulb plants to bring them inside for “hibernation.” It’s always exciting to dig them up because over the summer they multiply, so it’s kind of like Christmas in its own rite – free flowers!!! We planted two beautiful purple dahlia’s this year and came out with seven bulbs. And though we failed to bring in our dozens of canna lillies last winter, one lone survivor poked it’s leaves up this summer, so I dug it up and found three bulbs to plant next year!

I’ve also sort of begun Christmas shopping, though I haven’t actually ventured out to the stores. I was able to order some stuff online and get free shipping, so that was convenient! I also bought a few cute holiday gift bags at Target (in the $1 bins at the front), so I’m excited to start wrapping as soon as we have gifts to wrap.

And finally, Ronnie’s mom brought us her artificial Christmas tree, which is sitting in a plastic tub in the back room, itching to be setup. I’ve really wanted to do it the last week, but am practicing patience for the day after Thanksgiving. For some reason, Skyler knows what it is, points at the box almost daily saying “Kwistmas Twee!” We didn’t set one up last year, and she wasn’t even talking yet, so I don’t know how she picked this up already? Anyway, as much as she loves helping me do household things, I think she will really get a kick out of setting up the tree this year, so I’m really looking forward to next Friday!

This winter I’m going to really try to embrace it – the cold, the dark, the ugly, in all it’s glory. I’ve always been a spring and summer girl, but since that’s only half my life, I really need to make the most of the colder months and not wish them away. It may take a lot of red wine, warm blankies, and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, but winter is not going to get me down this year!


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