Winter woe, Dark cloud

I’ve got a bad case of cabin fever and general boredom with Winter. And there’s so much of it left to endure! I really thought that last week I was doing fine and this winter might just fly by, so I must’ve cursed myself. It’s not even that cold outside! I’m just tired of the early darkness and the general drabness outside that keeps us indoors. Skyler and me, trying to entertain ourselves every evening after work, or me trying to accomplish things while she entertains herself. It’s just getting old. If the evenings were longer we might set out to do something fun, but there’s just not enough time before Ronnie gets home to get into much, but there’s just enough time to get bored. Springtime couldn’t get here sooner!

I think matters are worse for me since it isn’t always just Skyler and me around the house in the evenings. There’s typically a lanky, anti-social teenager lounging on the couch watching ESPN or sitting at the computer chatting away on Facebook (you wouldn’t believe how fast kids these days can type!), and/or eating nonstop every piece of food he can get his hands on and leaving his dishes laying around. Even though he isn’t specifically in my face annoying me, his presence produces a dark cloud of negativity over my head that only evaporates when he’s gone for a decent period of time. It’s just like having company ALL THE TIME except the company isn’t polite and clean up after themselves.

You’d think after a year and a half of his being here we’d have gotten comfortable with each other and have some sort of deal worked out that would make us all more comfortable, but that just never happened. I haven’t felt at home in my own home since he moved in. And it puts an amazing amount of tension between Ronnie and me, because I turn into this negative, very closed-off person whenever our “roommate” is around, which is most of the time. We relish the hours on the lucky weekends that Clint goes back to his mom’s house to stay, and Ronnie teases me that it’s so nice to have his Lori back, the one he married. It’s so true though, when we have our house to ourselves the dark clouds part and I am back to the person that I like to be.

I wish I could figure out how to blow these clouds away despite his being here, because we still have to get through till May. But the only solution that has any possibility of helping involves roughly a bottle of wine per day, and we don’t need me becoming an alcoholic just to weather this storm! I suppose Ronnie will just have to hang on to his umbrella and raincoat till we get through this and the sun comes out again at the end of May.

At which point, we will be throwing a Very. Large. Party.

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  1. Hopefully, May will get here soon enough! And also, between now and then there will be some warmer days to get outside. I am axious to get these winter months over too! They are depressing. And I agree with the evening times. They are just long enough to get bored. Good luck with the extra roomy! Hopefully it will get better sooner than later. And if you would like I would love for you to drink a bottle of red wine for me!

  2. I have no solution to offer other than have you talked directly to him about it?

    Also, I would really love to have everybody in our department (with children) over some night so our kids can play together. That would kill one evening until summer arrives!

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