What a Difference 2 Years Makes

It’s hard to believe two years ago today, we spent that fearful day at the hospital and found out about Skyler’s heart condition. It seems so much longer ago, especially when I watch her run around crazy every evening like a chicken on speed.

There are times I pick her up and hold her during her wild spells, and I can feel her amazingly strong heart beat through her skin. Not a single one of those moments have passed when I haven’t remembered the condition of her heart two years ago. Each and every beat I thank God for, and I breathe another sigh of relief that she is here with us, and that heart beat is so strong.

The girl has such an incredible spark of life – I still find it hard to believe she’s real and she’s ours. I often wonder if her spark was always there, or if it is something that grew out of her amazing fight to survive in the first months of her life. I’m sure it’s mother’s bias, but I believe she is meant for something special, and whatever it is, I know she’ll go at it with determination and spunk.

Here’s to another happy, healthy year in the life of Skyler Oswald. What a blessed little life it is!

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