Weekend Update

I hate getting behind on here. Every day that goes by that I haven’t updated about certain things adds to the stress of having to write one long, boring blog post. And so then I keep avoiding it and the problem spirals deeper.

We are anxiously awaiting Spring! Last week we had that little tease of a warm-up that February likes to give. On the first balmy, Spring-like morning, as we headed to the car Skyler held out her hands and said “It is so pretty! I want to feel it!” And she waved her hands and arms in the air.

There has been a lot of activity related to something I mentioned in this post last Fall. While I still need to keep the details under wraps, hopefully in the next couple months I’ll have something real and official to say about it. But it’s exciting and scary and really coming along. It’s gone from a figment of imagination to something that actually has a paper trail now. Yikes! It’s reality has made some of our planning for this year tough to do. We were supposed to take a trip with friends to Jamaica in June, which we were highly looking forward to, but this has just taken precedence and making that something we can’t commit to. It will be worth it in the long run, but I’ll probably still be bitter that week in June when my friends are there and we are stuck in Kansas. Oh well, it’s happened before, but this time for a much, much better reason!

Our recent ski vacation to Steamboat Springs did bring some new realizations about our little family. Skyler is now at the age where she really misses us when we’re apart for more than a day. She’s also been on vacation with us and loved it, talking about Anna Maria Island and the beach almost daily. I wonder who she takes after? I think of future trips we take without Skyler, and how much harder those will be. We’ll have to leave her, which we know she doesn’t like, and she’ll be even more disappointed if they involve a beach. But on the other hand, the vacations we plan with her – will be all the more fun as well.

So, there we have it, for now.


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  1. You are demanding, Grandma! I will see what I can do, but I just haven’t had my camera out much lately. As soon as the weather is more favorable, hopefully I’ll be inspired to take more.

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