Vegetables really can taste good!

While Skyler seems to have zero opposition to vegetables, she does not take after her mother! In my attempts to eat healthier, I force a serving or two of vegetables down my throat on a daily basis, and I feel good about that (despite that the recommended daily veggie consumption is something like 47 servings, hey, eating 1 – 2 servings a day is like a 100 – 200% improvement for me!).

It’s not necessarily the veggies’ fault though. While most taste inherently blah, it doesn’t take much to dress them up and make them not just edible, but enjoyable. It’s my fault that I rarely take the time to season them or cook them with any sort of creativity. It’s so easy to throw some frozen broccoli in a pot of boiling water, add a dash of salt and pepper, and VOILA! Cooked veggies in all their low-calorie, vitamin-packed, cancer-fighting, green YUCKINESS. And heaven forbid it takes a few minutes before the rest of dinner is done and I have to eat them COLD. I wonder how much uneaten cooked broccoli I’ve wasted by dumping down the garbage disposal, all with previous good intentions!

But I found it, the easy, healthy way to cook and eat broccoli (and cauliflour too, and I bet even zucchini and yellow squash would do well with this, though those don’t bother me to eat cooked plain). My friend told me about a roasted garlic recipe that’s as simple as tossing frozen veggies in olive oil and minced garlic, baking for 20 minutes (at 450 degrees) and then sprinkling fresh parmesan on top the last couple minutes of baking, and then it’s done. Simple as that. And my oh my, I want seconds each time I’ve made it!

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