Vacation from Vacation

After what felt like an entire day of flying (though we were only airborne for like 3 hours), we got home from Vegas late yesterday. My fears of flying were in full force this trip, maybe even more intense than our last vacation. During takeoff my heart would pound in my chest and I would pray our plane made it safely to cruising altitude. I have a feeling my phobia will only get worse the older I get, which down right sucks since I love to travel!

We were so tired yesterday – sleeping in Vegas is a joke. Some nights we were out late and tried to sleep in, but when you wake up hungry in a dark hotel room, all you want to do is get up and go find a breakfast buffet to get the day started! The nights we got to bed at a decent time, I couldn’t sleep. I tossed and turned, wondering if it was morning yet. I couldn’t keep my body temp regulated at night either; I’d wake up sweating one hour and with chills the next. And the final night, there was just no relaxing knowing that we had a plane to catch in the morning, so I spent another night of waking every hour, hoping we hadn’t overslept and missed our plane!

So today, we spent the day lounging around the house, catching up with Skyler, and doing mostly nothing at all. I should have unpacked and done laundry, but I really just wanted to rest. These days Skyler loves to play on our bed, so we layed in bed A LOT and let her rustle around with us and play “nite nite” with us while we relaxed on our own comfy pillows.

I’m hoping we can top it all off tonight with a trip to get some frozen custard. Then tomorrow, it’s back to the grindstone – work, exercise, and healthy eating. Bleh.


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  1. I agree! I love vacations, look forward to getting there, but once it’s over I dread the first day back, work, exercising…no more pigging out….WELCOME BACK!

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