It was safe and secure

With love and limits

An answer for every question

Even if shrouded in the long ago and far away.

A world of legends and miracles

But truth to a child’s open mind.

The universe slowly shifted



The seal to the box was opened

Out flowed grace and peace and wonder, not like Pandora

And God and all the universe was bigger, more vast, mysterious

Powerful beyond measure

Truth is love

Outside the box

Unbound by a distant man’s translation.

4 responses to “Unbound”

  1. Please forgive my misunderstanding.

    I’m amazed at how science is revealing God in amazing ways. Whether we look at the macro Universe or the micro Universe, or anywhere in between, the complexity presented screams out that an intelligence with incredible creativity was behind it all. And we haven’t even begun to observe but one little corner of his Universe. Sometimes I think that trying to grasp the magnitude and majesty of God and his Universe is like my dog Pepper trying to understand everything possible about me…which is, of course, impossible. And then I realize that the magnitude of the difference between Pepper and myself is nothing compared to the difference between myself and the Creator of the Universe!

  2. No, It’s more like the Gospel is bigger and more meaningful than what I grew up thinking. God has been revealed in so many more ways than just what is written in the Bible. I grew up with God by default. My brain doesn’t know any other way, just like my brain has always known the sky as blue. But now I know the sky isn’t really blue, it’s just our limited perspective. And just as the sky isn’t really blue, God isn’t the old man in the sky. It’s entirely possible that I see God differently than you do now. I think I grew up with your perspective and never developed my own. But I believe God made me unique and has become more real to me than before. Since I grew up with God “by default” and was relying on other people’s thousands of years old accounts of Him, I’ve had to strip it all away and seek from scratch. I think God will always find us where we are at, and I’ve trusted Him in this process.

  3. I apologize if my reply seemed harsh. Any harshness was not directed towards you, but rather towards your parents.

  4. It sounds like you have left the Gospel. If your parents taught it as you describe, then I don’t blame you. But I do hope you check out the real Gospel of Jesus Christ and the worship of our Creator. He is so wondrous beyond all you can possibly imagine!

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